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September 6, 2017

5 Tips to Stop Procrastination that I’m Starting Today

Today is Fight Procrastination Day.  Like, for real.  It’s a thing.  I am a chrooooooonic procrastinator.  I can put things off for years and it’s so sad that that is not an exaggeration.  I even read The Now Habit by Neil Fiore. and it took me over a month to start reading it.  Needless to say, I really need to put some safeguards in place to ensure I don’t overly procrastinate.  I know I will probably never fully be cured but I need to put some effort into.  So if any of you are like me, here are some tips the experts say will help to quell the procrastination in your soul.

Do the hardest thing first

Let’s face it, it is never the easy things that we put off …at least most of the time.  It’s the things that are hard, take the most time and effort, or even the things we are afraid to fail at.  I am a perfectionist and many ways and sometimes I find it hard to start a project if I don’t feel like I am going to do it the best.  In order to stop procrastinating, I need to dive into those things head on and get them out of the way.  It will help not only with procrastination but with productivity. If the hardest thing is done, getting the small stuff done is easy!

Schedule out your day

Schedule your day in increments.  We’ve just started back to school which means a new routine.  I spent a good hour last week using the Alarmed app to schedule out each week day.  I broke my day into sections for each thing I needed to do in my personal and business routine.  I made sure to schedule time for meals and add in time on social media (mostly for business but still).  I have constant alarms that go off now.  Alarms my not work for everyone if you don’t want your phone constantly buzzing but I tend to hyper focus so I need something to remind me when it’s time to move on and start the next thing.

Limit social media

I know this is like the hardest thing to do for some of us.  It’s really hard for me because I use social media to grow my businesses as well.  Social media can suck up too much time though because it is like a black hole of hilarity and drama.  When making out your schedule, I scheduled a time specifically for this so that I don’t get sucked into that hole.  When that alarm goes off, enough social media time.  This also helps in productivity and is a wonderful rule to follow for your sticking to your morning routine. Don’t grab that phone as soon as you wake up!  Check out my Things to Do Before 9am to Have a Successful Day post to see more tips for your morning routine.

Don’t constantly multi-task

I am both a great and awful multi-tasker.  I can work on a million things at once but how many of them get completed?  I even use multi-tasking as a way to procrastinate because if there is something else I have to work on, I’ll jump to the thing I like the most.  Just now I stopped in the middle of cleaning my room to come and write this post and now my bed is covered in stuff and I’ll have to either stay up and clean it or put everything off to the side for tomorrow therefore dragging out the task.  Procrastinating.  Try to complete a task before moving onto the next one whenever possible.

Ask for help

Sometimes we just really have too much to do or we don’t have the supplies or complete know-how to complete the task.  Ask someone who does or delegate tasks that you just don’t have time to do.  Sometimes procrastination is simply due to overwhelm.  It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, if anything it’s a sign of strength.


Is procrastination a problem for you?  What are some of your tactics to combating it?

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